Light Pollution

Here are a couple of light maps showing the light pollution levels around my observatory. The data is from 2014. When we purchased our home in 2012, the hope was to get a somewhat dark area to support my observatory.


This map shows the Casa Grande area.The red dot shows the location of the observatory. Click on the image to see the full scale map.


This map is a bit more zoomed in. Click on the image to see the full scale map.

Light Pollution Links

Here are a couple of links to interesting articles regarding light pollution:

These two reports discuss the research on lighting levels and their effect on crime.

Part 1 – discusses the current research on the relationship between lighting and crime.

Part 2 – discusses the hypothesis that increasing lighting leads to an increase in crime.

This paper describes a number of physiological issues attributed to increased lighting, including cancer and problems in various animals.

This paper summarizes evidence of the adverse effects lighting has on people.

This paper describes effects of light pollution on wildlife.

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