Veil Nebula – NGC 6992 (Ha/OIII)

Veil Nebula
NGC 6992
Chapparal Camp, Colorado
Tak Sky90 mounted on Losmandy G11 Gemini
SBig 2000XM Camera/Filter Wheel
Ha and OIII filters
# Exp (min) Filter Bin Net Time (min)
3 15 HAlpha 2×2 45
6 15 OIII 1×1 90
Total 2.25 hr
Synthetic Green channel constructed from Ha and OIII
Reduced in CCDSoft Aligned in Registar
Stacked in ImagesPlus
Used Steve Cannistra’s technique of combining Ha and OIII channels.
Adjusted Levels and Curves, cropped, filtered in Photoshop

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