I historically used Notepad to edit my plans for ACP. Occasionally I use ACP’s Planner to initially generate a plan, but I always end up modifying that plan in Notepad. Usually I just copy an existing plan, then modify that plan for my new target.

The problem is that I often want to add a plan directive, but I don’t actually remember the format of the directive or what the various parameters might be. Is it #WaitUntil or #ShutdownAt that has the Sets parameter?

I also constantly screw up the format. For example, I change from 4 filters to 2 but forget to change the corresponding Count or Interval or Binning parameters. Heaven forbid I should be able to convert Local time to UTC time for things like #waituntil. Of course, if I have a #shutdownat command I always forget to change the date to the next morning when I restart the plan the next night.

I constantly restart my plans. Sometimes ACP immediately finds a problem (like mismatching #filter/ #count/ #interval/ #binning entries). Often I don’t realize I have an error until hours into the run…

So, I wrote this editor to try and keep my plans a bit under control.

Screen Shots

Main screen. Click entries on the left to change them in the right pane.
Each command provides the ACP help information for that command.
Help file is provided

Download BrewPlanEdit