BrewAuthorMerge (BAM)

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 This utility merges a customized author.html file into another author.html.

Typically this occurs when ACP is updated. During the update ACP saves the current customized file (something like author.bk-20150923_170957.html) then installs the standard ACP version of author.html.

Normally the user needs to manually merge the custom author.html into the standard version. This is typically done using a diff utility. Unfortunately this is awkward and error prone. In addition, it doesn’t work well with the MainMenu. Authors usually need to do a separate save of their menu and do a separate diff on the saved version versus the ACP version. Again, awkward and error prone.

Main screen showing customized entries (in green) merged with ACP entries (in blue).
MainMenu screen showing mergeing of custom menu (green), ACP menu (blue) and resulting menu (pink).
BAM compares the two files and automatically merges the custom entries into the standard file. You can then save the merged file into the filename of your choice.

The included Help file describes the process for updating your file.

Download BrewAuthorMerge